This ‘Communicate-to-Learn-to-Communicate’ (c2l2c) POD is intentionally labelled, because one cannot effectively learn if one cannot communicate effectively and one cannot communicate clearly if one does not earnestly learn to communicate. This is a place where Learning Solutions talent and related professions come together and collaborate to grow the quality of the sector over time.

Our motto is ‘ Show Us, Don’t Tell Us ” so be prepared to produce after you consume the content!

While we often struggle with cognitive overload, we are also at the mercy of shelf life of the information.Too much morphing information!

The skills we have built up in designing learning in the recent years may not be relevant in the oncoming years. What is the difference between information - which has a shorter shelf life - and learning - which leads to permanent change in behaviour?

The lines are getting blurred. Who is the one who commands all the expertise in Learning Design?  Does every new learning theory negate what the gurus taught before 1970s?

These questions demand a good debate.

The tribal instinct is very much alive in us. A sharing moment is precious and powerful!

We love to gather together in communities to pursue and support common causes that connect with us. As learning professionals, we must keep on learning from others and help others to learn.

The design of learning is a multi-disciplinary industry – drawing from fields such as cognitive and neuro sciences, philosophy, psychology, design, architecture, engineering, linguistics, media, communication and so much more.

We need to bring ideas together to let them collide, challenge each other and co-create new ideas, new concepts, new frameworks.

Let's be honest and be vocal on the bad practice in the sector and help to correct them. There are many who want to learn and looking to others to help. We can grow this community to improve learning design, training design, elearing, digital assets...

Osmosislearn promotes showing instead of telling. We encourage co-authored iterations, actual edits or counter proposed ideas. Keep out opinions.

We welcome you to draw inspiration from each other, exchange knowledge, incubate new thoughts and actively grow together, as we share our learning journeys along the way.

Grow new thoughts and ideas while we jourey together! Sharing is the new normal!

Is knowledge or experience more important? Both!

It needs not be a dividing line – it ought to be a 'together block' instead. Come join this learning space or POD where we can learn and grow our knowledge together. Anything you share has your credentials which serve as your portfolio for your audience. Be open to challenge and be challenged!